XenApp Components

This is the first of several posts detailing the different components of a XenApp (previously called Presentation Server) farm. I am going to make these short so that it is easy to read and remember.

Citrix Licensing Server

  • FLEXLM licensing service that runs a Windows 2003 server with IIS installed. Same licensing service that VMware uses.
  • Recommended that it is not on the XenApp server except for testing environments.
  • License file model with files with .lic extensions.
  • Administered from a web browser, a shortcut is placed off the Program, Citrix menu.
  • The user that installed the service is the only user that can administer the licenses. Once logged into the management page additional users can be added.
  • License files are tied to the hostname of the server and are generated/downloaded from mycitrix.com
  • License files can be rehosted to a new hostname if you need to move it to a new server.
  • If the license server is down the XenApp servers will function for 14 days without a connection to the license server. After that the servers will stop accepting connections.
  • There is not a way to have more the one license server.

Link to Citrix support site on licensing server.

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