XenApp Components part 3

This is the third post on explaining the components of a XenApp farm. In this post I will cover the static configuration database. This database is called the Independent Management Architecture (more commonly referred to as the IMA DB).

The IMA DB stores static configuration information for a XenApp farm.

  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Administrators
  • Policies
  • Printer drivers
  • Installation Management data

There are five database types supported for the IMA DB

  • Microsoft Access. Access is a lightweight database that is included with
    Windows server operating systems. The Access database is created on the
    first server in a new farm. It is most appropriate for small to mid-sized
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP1. This type of database
    is most appropriate for small to medium-sized farms and can be
    administered using standard Microsoft SQL Server tools.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, and IBM DB2. These are all
    true client/server databases that offer robust and scalable support for
    multiple-server data access. They are suited for use in farms of any size.

For more information on the IMA DB and database types refer to the Administrators Guide PDF located here
Review pages 35-40.


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