I did my first SAN Copy yesterday. Like anything else in IT once you know how to do something and you do it a couple times it becomes easy.

I am using SAN Copy to migrate LUNs from a CX300 to a CX3-20.

Here are the steps that I followed:

  1. Zoned SPA1 on CX300 to SPA1 on CX3-20
  2. Zoned SPB1 on CX300 to SPB1 on CX3-20
  3. In Navisphere update SAN Copy connections on both arrays
  4. Created a storage group called SAN Copy
  5. Created a Reserve LUN Pool – this is for doing incremental copies, if doing full copies this is not required.
  6. Added the RLP LUNs to the RLP Configuration in Navisphere
  7. Added target LUNs to the SAN Copy storage group
  8. On the SAN Copy storage group configured the SAN Copy connections between the arrays
  9. Created a SAN Copy session by right-clicking the source LUN on the CX300, SAN Copy, Create Session from LUN.
  10. Set the session type of either Full or Incremental. Full is a one time copy and the host has to be offline during the entire copy. Incremental is for when you have a small downtime window. Incrementals can run while the host is online.
  11. Set the destination LUN
  12. Set the Session Throttle
  13. To start the SAN Copy session go under SAN Copy Session in Navisphere, drill down under the SP where the LUN is located, right-click the session and click start
  14. Monitored the status by right-clicking on the session and going to status
  15. Once it was complete I ran a few more copies to get any changes
  16. Power off the host
  17. Ran one last copy
  18. Removed the SAN Copy session
  19. Removed the host from the storage group on the CX300
  20. Created a new storage group on the CX3-20
  21. Zoned the host with the CX320
  22. Added the host to the storage group
  23. Added the LUN to the storage group
  24. Powered on the host
  25. Verified drive access

Formula for calculating RLP LUN sizing

  • Total up all the LUNs (ie: 4 LUNs at 25gb apiece = 100gb)

  • Determine the change rate. 20% is a good number that covers most environments

  • Take 20% of the 100gb = 20gb

  • Take 20gb (or the # that comes out as 20% of the total space) – divide that by the number of LUNs (4): 20gb div by 4 = 5gb

  • Create 4 LUNs at 5gb apiece for RLP (for SPA)C

  • Create 4 LUNs at 5gb apiece for RLP (for SPB)


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