BriForum Day 1 Keynote

Well I am here at BriForum 08 and I am very excited to be here. This is my first BriForm but it is the 6th BriForum and the atmosphere here is like no other IT conference I have been to. You can tell everyone here is passionate about virtualization. There are no sales/marketing sessions here just in depth technical.

They did a great job of providing long power strips under every other row of chairs for everyone to plug into for laptop power.

The wireless access was good when I first arrived but after about an hour of everyone getting on it became almost unusable. I was going to try to do some live blogging but no Internet access I had to type everything in Notepad then post it to the blog later.

There are close to 500 people here from all over the world. There were around 400 last year so this conference is just going to get bigger.

I have already met three guys from the Netherlands that were very cool. They work for a small consulting company like Varrow.

I am going to try to post a blog entry everyday on the sessions I went to and what I learned at each.

Funny quote that was displayed on the screen before one of the session “Programming is like sex, one mistake and you spend the rest of your life supporting it.”


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