BriForum Day 1 PVS Session


Michael works for Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, specializing Citrix/Terminal Services.

Session started out very boring, I was wanting some in depth info and some cool stuff I haven’t leaned or thought of yet. He went though some uses and case studies on how they use it to deploy Office and a healthcare app called Cerner.

Provisioning Server database – vld.mdb – will be moved to SQL in PVS 5.0. Not sure when 5.0 will be released.

He uses and recommends client HD caching instead of “Cache on Server” or “Client RAM Caching”. He has had issues with client RAM and server side caching.

You could tell he had been working with the product before Citrix acquired it because he was going back and forth between using Ardence and Provisioning Server. I have found myself doing this a lot with some of our clients.

From the description of the session he was going to cover “How to configure “static configurations” which will survive a reboot (i.e. Citrix local host cache, application data, etc.)” he never went over any of that. I was also hoping he would go into the challenges of getting XenApp to boot properly and having uniqueness for each XenApp server.

He is developing a tool called DPM. Dynamic Personality Manager. This tool automates deploying XenApp with PVS. Doing things like changing the event log paths and some other PVS specific things that he does when streaming XenApp.

Event though I didn’t learn anything new, overall he did a good job, it is hard to cover everything in 70 minutes.


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