BriForum Geek Out Game Show

To qualify as a contestant you had to take an online quiz of 16 questions. After I took the quiz I felt I had done well, there were a few questions I was unsure of though.

They announced the contestants that night at the party. I was surprised that I scored the highest getting 12 questions correct. The other two contestants both got 11 correct.

As the highest scorer I got to pick the vendor to play for. Each vendor was giving their contestant a different prize. I picked Virtual App Factory because they were giving away a wii.

The Geek Out game show was done in Jeopordy style format except with no double Jeopordy and no final Jeopordy. Just 30 questions with different categories.

I was doing very well the entire game until we got down to the Code Names category. The guy next to me swept up that category and beet me 2100 to 1500. I had 1800 but missed one.

I didn’t win but it was very fun.


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