BriForum Day 2 XenDesktop Getting Started Session

XenDesktop Getting Started – Rick Dehlinger from iQurious Corporation

Cool company name “iQurirous”

XenDesktop 2 was released in May at Citrix Synergy

ICA to the desktop, none of this double-hop ICA to CPS, RDP to XP BS.

Single instance storage for desktop images via Provisioning Server.

ICA Features Included
– UPD is included
– Session Policies
– SSL Encapsulation

ICA Features not Included
– Functionality that require services interaction
– Speedscreen
– Multimedia

– Desktop Delivery Controllers run the IMA protocol, farm definition, desktop broker, once client is connected to XP the controller is out of the picture.
– Access Gateway is used for Internet access
– Can be used with XenServer, VMware and Hyper-V.
– Includes PVS for image management
– Positioning XenApp as delivery of applications into the VDI image via streaming or published app

– Express – Free for 10 CCU – Includes Desktop Delivery Controller and XenServer Standard
— Works with CSG but advertised as not working with SSL tunneling via Access Gateway

– Standard – unlimited CCUs
—Desktop Controller
—XenServer Standard
—Supports ICA/SSL encryption with AG Standard 2010 appliances only or CSG
—$75 per CCU

– Advanced – unlimited CCUs
— Includes Provisioning Server
— $195 per CCU

– Enterprise
— Adds Publishing for XenApp
— $295 per CCU

– Platinum
— Full universal VPN license
— Edgesight for end points
— EasyCall
— $395 per CCU
— One GoToAssist agent per 200 CCU


1. Setup hardware and hypervisor
2. Setup PVS
3. XenDesktop Setup Wizard for provisioning VMs in XenServer and PVS including AD computer accounts.
4. Setup Desktop Delivery Controllers
5. Publish desktop delivery groups
6. Connect


BriForum Day 2 Designing VMware for the Enterprise Session

Designing VI3 for the Enterprise – Ron Oglesby – With Glasshouse

Order of design decisions is most important.

Design is most important.

Get all of the key people together to bang out all of the architectural decisions in one or two days. This includes server, network, storage and security people.

Hardware that gets purchased should be the last decision. You need to know network and storage requirements before you know how many NICs, HBAs etc..

Define Critical Success Factors
– What must be true/happen for this design to be successful

Don’t use Cisco Etherchannel, the default VMware NIC teaming is best.

Don’t use resource pools – he has seen too many cases where resource pools cause slow performance and he has went in and removed the resource pools and it fixed their issues.

BriForum Day 2 XenDesktop Deep Dive Session

XenDesktop Deep Dive – Rick Dehlinger from iQurious Corporation

This session dove into the architecture of XenDesktop.

-IMA Data store
-Citrix Licensing
-Web Interface is required for connectivity
-Single zone, single data collector
-Administered from AMC and PSC (Old style java console) for policy management
-Requires AD but there are no schema updates

-Desktop Delivery Controller DDC
–Server 2k3
–Terminal Service enabled in app mode – doesn’t make since, no users connect to this server over RDP. Must have something to do with the IMA being on

–.NET 3.5

-Virtual Desktop Agent
–Win XP, Vista
–32 bit only
–single IP address
–Adds 7 services and drivers for ICA, Printing and other services

-Provisioning Server – Not required but definitely makes like easier

-XenServer/VMware ESX – No functionality lost if VMware is used in place of XenServer

-XenDesktop Setup Wizard

-Web Interface – goes on the DDC – Can also use the new Citrix App Receiver or PNAgent – There are also some thin clients – Login Desktop

These two sessions on XenDesktop have gotten me very excited about this product. I want to build a lab with this at the office ASAP.

It would be cool to build a XenServer one and a VMware one to compare the scalability.