Citrix Provisioning Server 5 Sp1

I was looking at the PVS support site and noticed the release notes for PVS 5 Sp1. I thought this was strange since Provisioning Server 5 Sp1 hasn’t been released yet.

I was looking at the new features of sp1 in the release notes and came across this –

  • Difference Disk mode – Allows for the persisting of user data and settings upon reboot.

I had heard that this vdisk feature was coming but I was thinking in the next major release version.

This is a feature I have been asked about several times. I can see this being nice for training classes where students need to ability to reboot and keep their changes.

PVS 5 also changed the vdisk format from a proprietary format to the VHD format. With this new format you can create a thin provisioned vdisk. Thin provisioned vdisks will be great for XenDesktop because in most XenDesktop environments the vdisk I/O is probably 90% – 95% reads.


One thought on “Citrix Provisioning Server 5 Sp1

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    PVS 5 sp1 was downloadable from Citrix for about 2 days. Since friday it’s gone…

    I heard it will be officially released december 1st.


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