3 thoughts on “User Profiles Best Practices White Paper

  1. Hi!

    I must thank you for your white paper User Profile Best Practice for Desktop Virtualization.
    But I would like, if it’s possible to ask some questions. If you don’t have time or don’t want just reply and let me know.

    My questions from the document is from the Windows 2003 Default User Configuration and Optimization section, page 11/24-23/24
    You start with a new user ptemp (local administrator) and do all your settings, after that you create another user named temp (local administrator).
    And use that user (temp) to copy the administrator account to the default user. Wouldn’t it be the ptemp account you should copy to the default users!!?
    It was with that account you made all your settings in. Or is that account only made to use with/for the mandatory profile?

    About the ptemp account that will be the mandatory profile you restrict the account with user settings GPO afterwards!?

    Best Regards!

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