Windows 2008 Partitioning Alignment

The partitioning alignment “bug” in Windows 2003 and earlier has been fixed in Windows 2008.

You no longer have to use diskpart.exe to align new partitions in Windows 2008.


Using navicli to Create Raid Groups and LUNs on EMC Clariion Arrays

I recently was involved in a SAN project implementing two EMC Clariion CX4 arrays. In the past I have used Navispere to create the Raid Groups and LUNs but this time I decided to use the command line tool navicli.exe.

Creating the RGs and LUNs via Navispere is very painful because of Java and all of the mouse clicking required.

I downloaded the “Navisphere CLI (Windows) 6.2″ from EMC Powerlink and installed it on my laptop. I also used the “EMC Navispere Command Line Interface Reference” PDF to figure out the syntax.

By using navicli I as able to create the RGs and LUNs in half the time it would have taken me using the Java interface.

To create a Raid Group use this command syntax.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp createrg Raid-Group-ID-Number disks bus_enclosure_disk”

Example: “navicli – h createrg 1 disks 0_0_6 0_0_7 0_0_8 0_0_9 0_0_10”

To bind a LUN using navicli use this syntax.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp bind raid-type LUN-# rg raid-group-number –sq size qualifier(mb,gb) cap capacity sp SP-A, SP-B

Example: “navicli -h bind r5 105 -rg 1 -sq mb -cap 512000 -sp B”

Syntax for renaming a LUN.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp chglun l LUN-# name New-Name

Example: “navicli -h chglun -l 105 -name VMWARE_VMFS01”

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