Using navicli to Create Raid Groups and LUNs on EMC Clariion Arrays

I recently was involved in a SAN project implementing two EMC Clariion CX4 arrays. In the past I have used Navispere to create the Raid Groups and LUNs but this time I decided to use the command line tool navicli.exe.

Creating the RGs and LUNs via Navispere is very painful because of Java and all of the mouse clicking required.

I downloaded the “Navisphere CLI (Windows) 6.2″ from EMC Powerlink and installed it on my laptop. I also used the “EMC Navispere Command Line Interface Reference” PDF to figure out the syntax.

By using navicli I as able to create the RGs and LUNs in half the time it would have taken me using the Java interface.

To create a Raid Group use this command syntax.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp createrg Raid-Group-ID-Number disks bus_enclosure_disk”

Example: “navicli – h createrg 1 disks 0_0_6 0_0_7 0_0_8 0_0_9 0_0_10”

To bind a LUN using navicli use this syntax.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp bind raid-type LUN-# rg raid-group-number –sq size qualifier(mb,gb) cap capacity sp SP-A, SP-B

Example: “navicli -h bind r5 105 -rg 1 -sq mb -cap 512000 -sp B”

Syntax for renaming a LUN.

navicli h ip-of-array-sp chglun l LUN-# name New-Name

Example: “navicli -h chglun -l 105 -name VMWARE_VMFS01”

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One thought on “Using navicli to Create Raid Groups and LUNs on EMC Clariion Arrays

  1. Life Saver! and I had to break the script up in two rows since I could not get the chglun when first creating a LUN, but it works like a charm!

    navicli -h bind r1_0 144 -rg 6 -cap 20 -sp A (First Line)
    navicli – chglun -l 144 -name SQLP144 (Second Line)

    Helped to save ton of hours and only have to modify a few spreadsheets with some cutting and pasting.


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