VMware Fault Tolerance Requirements and Limitations

Here are a good list of links on the new VMware FT requirements and limitations. FT is the new HA feature in vSphere 4 that offers VM level continuous availability.

CPU compatibility with FT

VMware Fault Tolerance Requirements and Limitations

Processors and guest operating systems that support VMware Fault Tolerance

Understanding VMware Fault Tolerance

vSphere 4 Availability Guide

vSphere Pre-requisites Checklist

7 thoughts on “VMware Fault Tolerance Requirements and Limitations

  1. “*VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) is not supported with Fault Tolerance – A VCB backup performed on an FT-enabled virtual machine powers off both the primary and the secondary virtual machines and might render the virtual machines unusable.”

    OUCH – I hope everyone reads this before trying to use VCB!!!

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