Using vSphere Host Profiles with 10G and CNA Adapters

I am currently working on a VMware vSphere project that is being built on Cisco UCS blades. The UCS blades have a single dual port CNA that acts as both an HBA and a 10G NIC.

When we tried to apply the host profile built from our reference blade we got this error message “Error during the configuration of the host: Invalid argument: Invalid argument”.

The host profiles log “pyVmomiserver.log” didn’t have any useful information and we couldn’t find anything on the web so opened a case with VMware support.

It turns out this is a known issue with 10G adapters and will be fixed in ESX 4 Update 1. The issue is that the host profile tries to set the speed/duplex of the NIC to auto but since auto isn’t an option for 10G adapters it fails.

To workaround this issue you can edit the host profile and set the NIC speed and duplex to 10000 and full. After we set the NIC speed and duplex the host profile successfully applied to the other hosts.





6 thoughts on “Using vSphere Host Profiles with 10G and CNA Adapters

  1. Yes, we were using vDSs. I haven’t had a chance to try update 1. It worked fine on pre-update 1 if I hard set the speed/duplex in the host profile to 10000 full.

  2. I RSS to your blog and must have missed this one. I was digging into those profiles trying to fix this issue, and finally decided to google it. Thanks for the fix.

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