Creating NFS Exports on Virtual Data Movers on EMC Celerra

I learned something new about NFS exports on a recent EMC NS480 project.

The client I was working with wanted some CIFS shares that could be accessed by both Windows and NFS clients at the same time. I initially thought that this wouldn’t be possible because the CIFS shares were going to be on a file system that was mounted on a Virtual Data Mover (vdm) and I thought that you could only create NFS exports on file systems mounted on a data mover (server_2).

After some research on EMC Powerlink I figured out how to do it,

  1. First I create the desired folder structure using the Window file share.
  2. Next I ran this command to create the NFS export on the vdm –
    “server_export server_2 -Protocol nfs /root_vdm_1/production-FS/unix/nfs1 -option root=,rw=”

To mount this export on an NFS client you would use this path


2 thoughts on “Creating NFS Exports on Virtual Data Movers on EMC Celerra

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I have a quick question..i implementing something similar..i wanted to verify if i can keep the IP address for CIFS on VDM and NFS Exports on VDM same?

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