Cisco UCS 1.4 Post Upgrade Warnings

After upgrading our UCS lab to 1.4 all of my Service Profiles and Service Profile Templates were in a warning state with blue boxes around them. There wasn’t an outage and all of our blades were still functioning.

The warnings were due to they way Cisco changed the Serial over LAN Policy. My current Service Profile Template had the Serial over LAN Policy set to <Not Set> but in 1.4 that isn’t a valid option. I changed the Serial over LAN Policy to “No Serial over LAN Policy” and all of the warnings disappeared.


4 thoughts on “Cisco UCS 1.4 Post Upgrade Warnings

  1. I got the port license problem and Serial Over LAN. SOL was easy but but it took 1.4.1(j) and disabling/enabling all my ports to fix the license.

    Anyone seeing this one?
    code=”F16605″ created=”2010-12-21T13:36:49.561″ descr=”[FSM:STAGE:RETRY:]: configuring automatic core file export service on peer(FSM-STAGE:sam:dme:SysdebugAutoCoreFileExportTargetConfigure:Peer)”

    I set up a TFTP server and configured all the setting. Works fine but I still can’t get rid of the warning. Everything works ok so it’s just annoying.

    Guess I’ll open a case with TAC when it gets to the top of the priority list. 🙂

  2. Serial Over LAN Informational Warning – You could also just create a “default” SOL policy under Root Policies, and the alarms will all go away. Just have the policy set to SOL-Disabled. Would save you a lot of mouse clicks…

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