Nexus 5500 FCoE and Jumbo MTU

I happened across an interesting scenario this morning while I was doing configuring jumbo MTU of 9216 on the Nexus 5500 switches in our lab.

I wanted to enable jumbo frames and with Nexus 5500s you have to do this with a QoS policy map. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new policy map of type network-qos
  2. Add the default network-qos class type of class-default
  3. Configure the MTU to 9216
  4. Add the new policy map to system qos

More about this in the Cisco Nexus 5500 QoS Configuration Guide – QoS Configuration Guide

As soon as I added the new network-qos policy map to the system-qos I checked the configuration using the command “show queuing interface e1/20”

As you can see from the output image below the MTU on the interface is now 9216. I then noticed that there was no longer a qos-group 1 enabled on the interface. I was concerned about this because qos-group 1 is for FCoE traffic and we are using FCoE mulithop from our UCS Fabric Interconnects.


I check the ipqos using the command “show run ipqos” and noticed that the fcoe-default-nq-policy policy map was no longer enabled on the system qos.


This made now made since and I didn’t think about it when I applied the new jumbo-MTU policy. System qos can only have a single policy from each type applied to it at any given time.

To get around this I created a new policy-map named fcoe-with-jumbo-mtu. Here is the configuration for it.


Once I applied the new policy map to the system qos the output of “show queuing interface e1/20” looked correct.



4 thoughts on “Nexus 5500 FCoE and Jumbo MTU

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  2. Reblogged this on Mailave! and commented:
    Since Cisco documentation doesn’t cover the situation when you have FCoE enabled ports , I was about to write my own version of “Enabling Jumbo Frame on Nexus 5500 Platform while having FCoE enabled ports” but noticed that my good friend Jeremy has already published a great post here.

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