Sample script for automating the installation of ESXi 4.1 on Cisco UCS with UDA

Thanks to Mike Laverick the Ultimate Deployment Appliance now supports ESXi 4.1. –

I developed a script for automating the installation of ESXi 4.1 on Cisco UCS boot from SAN. The UDA template I setup uses a subtemplate for the host names, management IP and vMotion IP.

Here is my configuration:

  1. 6 GB Boot LUN hosted on an EMC CX4
  2. Cisco UCS B200-M1 blades
  3. Cisco VIC (Palo) adapters
  4. These vNICs


And these vHBAs



Here is the subtemplate I am using


Here is the script I am using

rootpw –iscrypted $1$NvqID7HA$mkw26HiBQgbso6jk1jX014
clearpart –alldrives –overwritevmfs
autopart –firstdisk=fnic –overwritevmfs
install url
network –bootproto=static –ip=[IPADDR] –gateway= –nameserver= –netmask= –hostname=[HOSTNAME] –addvmportgroup=0

%firstboot –unsupported –interpreter=busybox

#Set DNS
vim-cmd hostsvc/net/dns_set –ip-addresses=,

#Add pNIC vmnic1 to vSwitch0
esxcfg-vswitch -L vmnic1 vSwitch0

#Add new vSwitch for vMotion
esxcfg-vswitch -a vSwitch1

#Add vMotion Portgroup to vSwitch1
esxcfg-vswitch -A vMotion vSwitch1

#Add pNIC vmnic2 to vSwitch1
esxcfg-vswitch -L vmnic2 vSwitch1

#Add pNIC vmnic3 to vSwitch1
esxcfg-vswitch -L vmnic3 vSwitch1

#Assign ip address to vMotion vmk1
esxcfg-vmknic -a -i [VMOTIONIP] -n -p vMotion

#Assign VLAN to vMotion PortGroup
esxcfg-vswitch -v 12 -p vMotion vSwitch1

#Enable CDP listen and advertise
esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch0
esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch1

sleep 5

#Enable vMotion to vmk1
vim-cmd hostsvc/vmotion/vnic_set vmk1

#Set NIC order policy for vMotion port groups
vim-cmd hostsvc/net/vswitch_setpolicy –nicorderpolicy-active=vmnic3 –nicorderpolicy-standby=vmnic2 vSwitch1

#enable TechSupportModes
vim-cmd hostsvc/enable_remote_tsm
vim-cmd hostsvc/start_remote_tsm
vim-cmd hostsvc/enable_local_tsm
vim-cmd hostsvc/start_local_tsm
vim-cmd hostsvc/net/refresh

# NTP time config
echo restrict default kod nomodify notrap noquerynopeer > /etc/ntp.conf
echo restrict >> /etc/ntp.conf
echo server >> /etc/ntp.conf
echo server >> /etc/ntp.conf
echo driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift >> /etc/ntp.conf
/sbin/chkconfig –-level 345 ntpd on
/etc/init.d/ntpd stop
/etc/init.d/ntpd start

#One final reboot

The four additional vNICs will be used as uplinks to the Cisco Nexus 1000v dvSwitch.