Free XenApp Configuration Reporting Tool

XTS Introspect Trial – Includes FREE Configuration Reporting

With Introspect, you can quickly generate comprehensive historical usage and configuration reports for better planning and management of your Citrix farm – no agents or custom code required. XTS Introspect uses business intelligence technology to analyze Citrix data and translate it into metrics that CIOs, non-techie management, and engineers can all understand.

Key Uses:


* Capacity planning
* License usage analysis
* Application management
* Compliance and security audits
* Chargebacks and billing
* Configuration analysis

* Manage server consolidation & growth
* Ensure proper licensing compliance
* Optimize your application delivery
* Enhance your audit capabilities
* Monetize your XenApp investment
* Troubleshoot and document your farm

Free Fully Functional Virtual Machine Download

BONUS – FREE Configuration Report Generator included with trial download. Even after your 30 day trial expires, you’ll be able to generate for FREE any Citrix configuration reports in your XenApp v4 or v4.5 environment. .

Specific benefits of the free configuration reports include.

* Document Citrix environmental configurations to create baselines for future troubleshooting, disaster recovery or audit requirements.
* Verify baselines for migrations to XenApp 4.5.
* Track Citrix hotfixes to ensure consistency across servers
* Attain more in-depth security insight with user/application assignment reports, leveraging integration with Active Directory.
* Gain immediate visibility into risks that might exist in their Citrix environment due to misconfigurations

To learn more, download a white paper from industry guru, Doug Brown
OR simply download a trial demo virtual appliance of Introspect today, which includes your FREE Configuration Report Generator.


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