BriForum Day 2 XenDesktop Deep Dive Session

XenDesktop Deep Dive – Rick Dehlinger from iQurious Corporation

This session dove into the architecture of XenDesktop.

-IMA Data store
-Citrix Licensing
-Web Interface is required for connectivity
-Single zone, single data collector
-Administered from AMC and PSC (Old style java console) for policy management
-Requires AD but there are no schema updates

-Desktop Delivery Controller DDC
–Server 2k3
–Terminal Service enabled in app mode – doesn’t make since, no users connect to this server over RDP. Must have something to do with the IMA being on

–.NET 3.5

-Virtual Desktop Agent
–Win XP, Vista
–32 bit only
–single IP address
–Adds 7 services and drivers for ICA, Printing and other services

-Provisioning Server – Not required but definitely makes like easier

-XenServer/VMware ESX – No functionality lost if VMware is used in place of XenServer

-XenDesktop Setup Wizard

-Web Interface – goes on the DDC – Can also use the new Citrix App Receiver or PNAgent – There are also some thin clients – Login Desktop

These two sessions on XenDesktop have gotten me very excited about this product. I want to build a lab with this at the office ASAP.

It would be cool to build a XenServer one and a VMware one to compare the scalability.


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