Mandatory User Profiles in Windows 2008 Terminal Server and XenApp 5

Some of you may have already known about the mandatory profile change in Windows 2008 but I had no idea. I recently did my first Citrix XenApp 5 – Windows 2008 project and had a hard time getting the mandatory profile working.

After some searching I found that the mandatory profile folder name has to have a “.v2” appended to the end of the folder name. The reason Microsoft made this change is because the user profile sturcture in Vista and Windows 2008 is a lot different than in previous versions of Windows. By forcing you to append .v2 to the end of the folder prevents Windows 2008 from trying to load a profile from a previous version of Windows.

It was a little tricky configuring Group Policy to point to the mandatory profile with a .v2 on the folder name. When I first configured the “Set path for TS Roaming User Profile” setting I set it to %logonserver%\netlogon\xenapp-prof.v2. This didn’t work, I had to set the profile path to %logonserver%\netlogon\xenapp-prof and then Windows 2008 automatically appends .v2 to the end when looking for the path.


So to recap,

  1. I created a mandatory profile with the folder name “xenapp-prof.v2”.
  2. I configured my profile path to point to “%logonserver%\netlogon\xenapp-prof”. If you configure the profile path with a .v2 it will not work.

6 thoughts on “Mandatory User Profiles in Windows 2008 Terminal Server and XenApp 5

  1. Is the creation of a mandatory profile in 2008 any different? There is no NTuser.dat….. it is ntuser.dat.log… Do I make it

    This is actually the same thing I have had a problem with for a food month now.

  2. Mowens:

    The ntuser.dat is there – you just have go to Tools – Options – View and remove the “Hide protected operating system files”

  3. Just want to say a MASSIVE thanks for this. Been tearing out what’s left of my hair trying to solve this problem – Microsoft tech articles were of little use, as usual, but appending the .v2 after reading your post instantly resolved the issue.

    Many thanks.

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